jack russell terrier - Джек рассел терьеры питомника Альграфс
Питомник джек рассел терьеров "Альграфс". РКФ/FCI свидетельство №12593. Санкт-Петербург
В нашем питомнике есть щенки Джек Рассел терьеров.
Питомник джек рассел терьеров "Альграфс". РКФ/FCI свидетельство №12593. Санкт-Петербург
щенок джек рассел терьера
Купить щенка гладкого рассел терьера
In our kennel puppies for sale

jack russell terrier

 wonderful boy Jack Russell Terrier from parents of Champions of the breed, tested for health.

In the pedigree of the boy are collected leading lines of European kenells  from well-known Australian manufacturers Jack Russell Terriers.



The boy is sold with pedigree. It has a great prospect for participation in exhibitions.

Our baby Jack Russell Terrier is ready to go.
He walks, eats dry food, has vaccinations, a chip, a tatto, a veterinary passport.

We also draw up a contract and accompany the subsequent advice on growing.



You can send a puppy to any region and country.

All questions that interest you can ask by phone or write to the mail 


or in the messenger


+ 7-921-3753398    Irina.
There Viber, Vatsap. We are always in touch.

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