Algrafs kennel is a professional breeding

jack russell terrier and chihuahua.

Cynologists owners of the kennel:

Judge RKF-FCI Degtiar Irina and Degtiar Nikolay

Happy to welcome YOU!


The goal of our breeding is pedigreed dogs that will become favorites of the whole family,
cheerful and manageable.

The main thing for us is the health of our dogs and their offspring.

Therefore, ALGRAFS dogs are distinguished by health and longevity!


With our dogs you can start breeding, you can become a show winner,
or you can just be a friend to your Jack Russell or Chihuahua!

Why you can safely and safely buy a real jack russell terrier and chihuahua from us?

We value our reputation and competence!

It's prestigious and comfortable with us!

Our breeding program consists of several stages,
in which all aspects of the puppy's growth from birth
to its successful performance in the ring are included.

We accompany you all the way from a puppy to a Champion!


We are proud of our graduates!

World Winner 2018 and European Winner 2016,
Top Jack Russell Terrier of Russia 2016 - Algrafs Archi Royal

Inter Champion 2018 Algrafs Atos

Winner of the largest show in Great Britain CRUFTS 2020, Best Jack Russell in Spain 2019 Algrafs Victor for Anroal

European Winner 2021, Best Jack Russell in Poland 2019 Algrafs Riviva

and many Champions of different countries On this page

And the MOST IMPORTANT thing -
our jacks and chihs are the best friends and companions with excellent character, temperament and psyche!

The latest news from shows,
where our dogs perform, achievements and awards.
And also about puppies and expected litters.

We have Jack Russell Terrier and Longhair Chihuahua puppies.
More about puppies here
.We will help you raise a puppy, we are always in touch with all questions!
Our dogs are our family!

They live with us. We love our Jack Russell Terriers and Chihuahuas! They know it and love us back!

We build our breeding work on the basis of the Jack Russell Terrier Standard FCI No. 345. and Chihuahua Standard FCI No. 218

Our Jack Russell Terriers have a stable psyche and good health.

Our long-haired chihuahuas are raised in warmth and care and think they are Jack Russell Terriers!
And this means that Chihuahua puppies are bold and confident with strong bones and health.

Jack Russell Terriers and Chihuahuas of our breeding constantly participate in exhibitions of different levels
in different countries and confirm their high breed, receiving excellent marks and titles from international experts.
We are engaged in training and preparing our children for exhibitions.

We have something to be proud of!
Our pets have titles of Interchampions.
Our Jack Russell Terriers are Champions of many countries.

And a special pride of our breeding ALGRAFS ARCHI ROYAL - World Winner 2018 and European Winner 2016!
We will be glad to meet new friends and meetings!

We hope that you will like Jack Russell Terrier puppies and long-haired chihuahua puppies of our kennel
and you will find your little friend!

Welcome to our family «ALGRAFS»

Irina and Nikolai.
+7-921-375-33-98, +7-921-375-33-97

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