Litter “TS” – date of birth 09.01.2012

Litter “T” – date of birth 17.10.2012

Litter “TS” – date of birth 09.01.2012

************************** white-red 2 boys and 2 girls ************************** Junior-Jllampu Thidalium Szczurolap * RIKORAN YARKAYA LADY

White-red 2 boys and 2 girls

Father: Junior-Jllampu Thidalium Szczurolap 

European Champion 2011 and BOB, Vice Champion of Europe 2010, Champion of Russia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltics, Finland, Belgium, Ukraine.


Champion of the Baltic States, Champion of Russia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Champion of Belarus, Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of National Club of Russia, Champion of RKF, Champion of RFOS, OANKOO, RFSS, Vice Champion of Eurasia – 2013.

The children have moved to their new families in Sweden, Norway, St. Petersburg and Tsaesar – he lives in our kennel!