Past litters


Litter “P” – date of birth 10.12.2017

******************* White-red 1 boy and a 3 girls **************************** Touchstar Paparazzi * Algrafs Avrora

Litter “О” – date of birth 23.08.2017

************************** white-red 1 boy ********************************** Algrafs Archi Royal * RIKORAN YARKAYA LADY

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Now there are puppies. Male and Female. All parents checked for eyes and knees – clean. All questions that interest you can ask by phone or write to the mail  […]

Litter “N”- birthday 30.06.2017

******************* White-red 2 boys and a girl for sale *********************** Algrafs Dandy Style * Kjennekrokens Suit Opia

Litter “Z”

White-red 3 boys and 2 girls Sire: ALGRAFS ARCHI ROYAL  European champion 2016 and BOB, the TOP 10 Dogs of Russia, champion of Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltia, Finland, Sweden, […]

Litter “E”

Tricolor 2 boys and 2 girls Sire:  DENI STYLE IVES SAINT LAURENT INTERCHAMPION (8*CACIB), champion of Russia, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, RKF, national club, candidate in […]

Litter “K”

3 boys and 2 girls Sire:  JACKNTHEBOX MR DJUMPER (Australia) Champion INTER, champion of Russia, champion of Romania, Junior champion of Russia, Junior club champion. Dam: Lacky Hunter Original Beauty Champion Of Russia, […]

Litter “L”

2 girls Sire: Russellville’s Thunderjack Twister  Promising young male Norway with excellent pedigree. Мать: Wukari-Wa Thidalium Interchampion, Champion of Baltic, Champion of Russia, Grandchampion of Russia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Champion […]

Litter “M”

2 boys and 3 girls Sire: Touchstar Clash of Clans  Champion of Hungary, Champion of Bosnia, Champion of Croatia, Champion of Serbia, Junior Champion of Slovenia, Class Winner at the European Championships […]

Litter “E”

DoB: 02.09.2016, Algrafs Archi Royal + Kjennekrokens Suit Opia, 2 girls and 3 boys

Litter “D”

Dob: 12.03.16, Father: Jacks'r'us Sweet Fairytale Bad Boy, Mother: Wukari-Wa Thidalium, 3 girls and 3 boys

Litter “G”

DoB: 08.12.2015, Father: JACKNTHEBOX MR DJUMPER, Mother: Algrafs Avrora, 3 girls and 2 boys

Litter “V”

DoB: 30.08.2015, Father: Algrafs Archi Royal, Mother: Kjennekrokens Suit Opia, 2 girls and 4 boys

Litter “B”

DoB: 28.08.2015, Father: Algrafs Archi Royal, Mother: RIKORAN YARKAYA LADY, 2 girls and 2 boys

Litter “A”

DoB: 03/10/2013, Father: Kanix Speed Wagon, Mother: Wukari-Wa Thidalium, 3 girls and 3 boys

Litter “T” – date of birth 17.10.2012

************************** white-red 1 boy and 2 girls ************************** HIDALGO-HALCON Thidalium * RIKORAN YARKAYA LADY

Litter “TS” – date of birth 09.01.2012

************************** white-red 2 boys and 2 girls ************************** Junior-Jllampu Thidalium Szczurolap * RIKORAN YARKAYA LADY