Past litters


In our kennel puppies for sale

In our kennel puppies for sale Female for sale. She was born 10.02.2019 This girl has a great temperament. She is wire-haired. She has all her teeth and a great […]

jack russell terrier

 wonderful boy Jack Russell Terrier from parents of Champions of the breed, tested for health. In the pedigree of the boy are collected leading lines of European kenells  from well-known Australian […]

Litter “P” – date of birth 10.12.2017

******************* White-red 1 boy and a 3 girls **************************** Touchstar Paparazzi * Algrafs Avrora

Litter “О” – date of birth 23.08.2017

************************** white-red 1 boy ********************************** Algrafs Archi Royal * RIKORAN YARKAYA LADY

Litter “N”- birthday 30.06.2017

******************* White-red 2 boys and a girl for sale *********************** Algrafs Dandy Style * Kjennekrokens Suit Opia

Litter “Z”

White-red 3 boys and 2 girls Sire: ALGRAFS ARCHI ROYAL  European champion 2016 and BOB, the TOP 10 Dogs of Russia, champion of Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltia, Finland, Sweden, […]

Litter “E”

Tricolor 2 boys and 2 girls Sire:  DENI STYLE IVES SAINT LAURENT INTERCHAMPION (8*CACIB), champion of Russia, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, RKF, national club, candidate in […]

Litter “K”

3 boys and 2 girls Sire:  JACKNTHEBOX MR DJUMPER (Australia) Champion INTER, champion of Russia, champion of Romania, Junior champion of Russia, Junior club champion. Dam: Lacky Hunter Original Beauty Champion Of Russia, […]

Litter “L”

2 girls Sire: Russellville’s Thunderjack Twister  Promising young male Norway with excellent pedigree. Мать: Wukari-Wa Thidalium Interchampion, Champion of Baltic, Champion of Russia, Grandchampion of Russia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Champion […]

Litter “M”

2 boys and 3 girls Sire: Touchstar Clash of Clans  Champion of Hungary, Champion of Bosnia, Champion of Croatia, Champion of Serbia, Junior Champion of Slovenia, Class Winner at the European Championships […]

Litter “E”

DoB: 02.09.2016, Algrafs Archi Royal + Kjennekrokens Suit Opia, 2 girls and 3 boys

Litter “D”

Dob: 12.03.16, Father: Jacks'r'us Sweet Fairytale Bad Boy, Mother: Wukari-Wa Thidalium, 3 girls and 3 boys

Litter “G”

DoB: 08.12.2015, Father: JACKNTHEBOX MR DJUMPER, Mother: Algrafs Avrora, 3 girls and 2 boys

Litter “V”

DoB: 30.08.2015, Father: Algrafs Archi Royal, Mother: Kjennekrokens Suit Opia, 2 girls and 4 boys

Litter “B”

DoB: 28.08.2015, Father: Algrafs Archi Royal, Mother: RIKORAN YARKAYA LADY, 2 girls and 2 boys

Litter “A”

DoB: 03/10/2013, Father: Kanix Speed Wagon, Mother: Wukari-Wa Thidalium, 3 girls and 3 boys

Litter “T” – date of birth 17.10.2012

************************** white-red 1 boy and 2 girls ************************** HIDALGO-HALCON Thidalium * RIKORAN YARKAYA LADY

Litter “TS” – date of birth 09.01.2012

************************** white-red 2 boys and 2 girls ************************** Junior-Jllampu Thidalium Szczurolap * RIKORAN YARKAYA LADY